Our latest write up - http://www.dallasnews.com/travel/getaways/20130111-calverts-cocoamoda-goes-beyond-chocolate-with-gourmet-dinners.ece


COCOAMODA is a Texas-based gourmet chocolate business. We operate out of the historic town of Calvert, Texas on Main Street, where we create our chocolates and have a chocolate boutique and dessert restaurant .

Our mission is to produce the highest quality truffles and confections utilizing the finest grade of chocolate and freshest ingredients sourced from across the globe.

Gifts: Truffles, Dragées, Dark chocolate covered glacé citrus peels, freshly made Marzipan (to order).

Dining: Experience the legendary COCOAMODA ambiance, enjoy COCOAMODA's incredible desserts, and take pleasure in COCOAMODA’s world-renowned truffles! Coordinate your company’s festivities (formal or casual) today.

For larger parties, make reservations by calling (979) 364-2190 or, email us at info@cocoamoda.com


Follow us on FACEBOOK for upcoming events, new photos, new truffles, and our weekly menu! 

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